Success – it's a common theme across many of the stories in this quarter's Q2Q.

Business success across our network, with the global expansion of Arc, the title we earned as Samsung's global agency of record and three very solid years for Leo Burnett Tailor Made.

Certainly the success of our people is something to celebrate – our game changers, future leaders and star reachers.

And then there is our work. Inspiring, not to mention record-breaking work such as "#LikeAGirl." The work of NO.2.66 that has stuck a chord with our industry. Timeless work for McDonald's, a company marking 40 years in the U.K. The industry is toasting us too, with 71 Clios, 67 Sharks and dozens of industry awards all received in this last quarter.

So whatever your measure of success – currency, awards, clicks, promotions – news covered in this issue should have you applauding.


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